Laina Turner Media, LLC works with authors and bloggers teaching them how to create a solid business plan to be the foundation of their business.

Your have an idea, a skill, or a passion and want to make it into a business. That’s great and there’s plenty of opportunity out there for all entrepreneurs but when over 80% of new businesses fail it is crucial to have knowledge of where you want to take your business, how you will get there, and the tools needed to get there.

Before you start, it’s important to have a solid and clear business plan. You need to understand the direction you want to go and be prepared for potential obstacles.

This course will assist you in creating that solid foundation.

Designed with authors and bloggers specifically in mind who want to make a living from their craft but don’t understand to get to their goal they need to have a plan. This online course will assist them in identifying their clear goals and create actions and a timeframe of completion.

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