Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea
Identify 2 or 3, 12 month business goals. Discussion + creating examples
Discuss the importance of having a business plan. Discussion + case studies + video lecture
What is a business plan Discussion + video lecture

Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea
Discuss at least 3 viable strategies for each goal. Discussion + creating examples
Analyze which strategy would be the best for each goal. Discussion + create a sample chart ranking each strategy.
What makes a good strategy versus a bad strategy? Discussion + video lecture, create a comparison chart.

Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea
Identify 3-5 repeatable actions that would support the strategies. Discussion + create a sample list + get peer feedback
Create a 3-month executable timeline for the activities. Submit a document showing the 3 month plan.

Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea
Demonstrating the execution of plan. Submit worksheet stating the action and the result.

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