In terms of this list, I feel like I have a long way to go as an instructional designer. There is so much that goes into the job/industry I believe it not only takes a lot of time to learn but also to practice the skills to become knowledgeable and proficient.

I understand, in theory, what is required, but I feel most of my shortcomings have to do with a lack of confidence, which will come with experience.

I feel I am definitely curious and study industry related trends. In fact, I probably waste too much time reading and exploring different industry related readings and websites and I get frustrated at times when there are so many styles to choose from and I’m not sure exactly what the best course of action is for my learning population. I am very collaborative and can build partnerships with SME’s. I love learning from others. I think the team approach is often the best one.

Acting as a consultant and defining standards I would identify with the least as of now because of my lack of confidence and lack of real practice. I feel that the more I practice and get more course development under my belt the better I will be at both of those buckets. I don’t think, and maybe I’m wrong, that this is a field you can just pick up and be awesome. It takes time and trial and error and with experience will come success.




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